Virtual Auto Attendant and Mobile VoIP

Your digital receptionist

More and more companies have remote offices and mobile workers. Many users have laptops and smartphones, and are constantly mobile. They need to stay in touch with their customers, colleagues, and supply chain vendors. This is a perfect scenario for a virtual auto attendant or a mobile VoIP solution provided through IP2Speech.

The Situation:

Instead of an IP desk phone (or maybe “in addition to”), your might want an auto attendant (or many of them) to improve communications, create a better customer experience, and to streamline call routing (by type of day or shift). You probably want a unified mailbox, with find-me enabled. You want/need a system that integrates seamlessly with your wireless products and services. Just as important, you want to access and control all of this through your laptop or smartphone.

IP2Speech is the Solution

We just can provide what you need. We can set you up with unlimited auto attendants, extensions, mailboxes, all that can be configured to meet your exact requirements. You can utilize virtually an unlimited combination of IP desk phones, softphone clients (for computers and smartphones), and seamlessly integrate your call flow with your wireless technologies.


  • A cost effective solution that improves communications
  • Provides big business features, at small business prices
  • Ease of use, yet very powerful